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I got 99 problems … palsy is just one

The Danger of Neutrality | Anna Baltzer

Why US and Israel Want to Ban This Video…

Islamophobia | Do You See It?

The Refugee Crisis is a Test of our Character

A Boat Carrying 500 Refugees Sunk at Sea. The Story of Two Survivors

How Racism Makes Us Sick

Ambassador Nikki Haley Brags about Bullying UN for Israel

Islamophobia Killed My Brother. Let’s End the Hate

White Slums of South Africa

How Pro-Israel Neocons Pushed for War in Iraq

The Little Problem I Had Renting a House

“On the Brink of…” for Rachel Corrie

Why Brexit Happened — And What to Do Next

My DNA Result – Racism in Arab Countries

‘We Teach Life, Sir’    ‘Shades of Anger’

I was Held Hostage for 317 Days. Here’s What I Thought About…

At Muhammad Ali’s Funeral

“ISIS is as much Islamic as the KKK is Christian”

Human Rights Lawyer Bryan Stevenson: We Need to Talk about an Injustice

Refugees Have the Right to Be Protected

Strangers: Anti-Semitism in Europe

How This FBI Strategy is Actually Creating Terrorists

If Americans Knew: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel

One Family in Gaza

When I See Them, I See Us

Let’s Help Refugees Thrive, Not Just Survive

Richard Boyd Barrett Challenges Israeli Ambassador

Sealed in Your Own Home!
Palestinians Forced By Settlers to Climb Up Through the Roofs of Neighbors to Leave or Enter Their Houses

Secret US Prisons You’ve Never Heard of Before

Israelis Torturing Non-Jewish Children

Dirty Wars

Palestinian Gaza kids in Arab’s Got Talent – BBC Newsnight

To See is to Believe: Hidden Cameras that Film Injustice

Right the Wrong: Women Platform for Peace

Where to Go from Here?

Different Israeli Perspective

Trained to Not See Palestinians as Humans – Former IDF Soldier

Children Testify about Cruel Treatment by Israeli Soldiers

Israel Child Rights Abuse

Terrorizing Another 8-Year-Old Palestinian Boy

6-Year-Old Detained on His Way to School

Arrest of 5-Year-Old Palestinian

Ten-Year-Old Forcefully Arrested

Fear and Intimidation: Military Child Detention

Over 20 Minors Arrested on their Way to School

Eleven-Year-Old Noor and His Classmate

Clipping the Wings of Children Under Occupation

From Boyhood to Freedom Fighter

5 yr Old Palestinian Cries for Father while Arrested

The Zionist Story – Full Documentary

When Everything You Know Is Not True…

The Other Arabs

Our Story

A Mother, Her Children, and Their Land Seized by the Israeli Forces

Jimmy Carter Unveils Truth about Israel

Racism: Dehumanization

The Greatest Danger

BDS Coalition

Signs of a Re-Awakening

Defend Free Speech

Fatal Embrace by Mark Bravermanl

Helen Thomas on Her One Question for Obama

Collateral Murder

God’s Warriors!

War Veteran Says It All

Truth Is More Powerful Than Lies

Dr. Norman Finkelstein on Crocodile Tears

Understanding the History of Jerusalem






Errant Home

The Israel Lobby – The Influence of AIPAC on US Foreign Policy

The Shock Doctrine: How It Works!

Talk By Naomi Klein Author of The Shock Doctrine

The War Profiteers

A Deserter’s Tale

A War That Never Should Have Happened

This documentary has a warning that some of the footage is disturbing.

 Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre

Resistance Through Art!

Speech to Parliament

Humvee Driving in Baghdad

Iraqi Kid Runs For Water

Peace Propaganda & the Promised Land: U.S. Media & the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

School in Palestine

“Al Nakba”–The Palestinian Catastrophe of 1948

The Wall of Hate


Peace Not Apartheid
Jimmy Carter’s Speech on His Book, ” Palestine : Peace Not Apartheid”

It Is Not Only About Land And Rights!

A New Beginning — President Obama’s Speech to Muslim World!