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Statement Delivered During the 9th Session of the Human Rights Council

8 – 26 September 2008


Item 7. Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories



Not Again! No More!


Mr. Chairman,


“What is the price between knowing and not knowing, between silence and acknowledging, between lies and truth? We all must confront our choices to know or not to know the facts. We choose every day, in countless ways between denial and knowledge.”


We know of the suffering imposed upon the Palestinian people, it is a fact that cannot be denied. We have no choice, we must condemn any, regardless of nationality or creed who impose their will on others, the few over the many, as well as nationalistic or religious extremists, fundamentalists from any faith, any, who attempt to subjugate another.


Have people everywhere forgotten the terrors of the Holocaust to such an extent, as to allow Israel to pursue and inflict one on the Palestinian people? Or has the world forgotten the horrors of apartheid South Africa, to condone what is happening in Palestine today, everyday!


Are we, all here today, really willing to allow history to condemn us for yet another in-action, another failure to stand up and say no more; another silence? We at this great Council, can, and should, say NO! We are under a universal, moral and legal obligation, an imperative and directive, to do so.


We must protect the rights of our brothers and sisters who remain without the means, or voice, to protest against the exploitations of discrimination and racism that they are subjected to. Unseen, and most times, unheard, because of the great Israeli lobby that would accuse us, vilify us, of anti-Semitism if we did.


The present day Holocaust of the Palestinian people, their dignity, and their struggle for freedom will not be cancelled, as the Jewish Holocaust was not, from history. Basic humanity impels us to make a stand, to shout from the roof-tops- NOT AGAIN, NO MORE!


Protect the human rights of the millions of Palestinian people from the mass prisons such as the so called self-determining and self-rule prison that is Gaza, refugee camps, checkpoints, occupied territories, imposed settlements, apartheid roads, and walls, like those of the old Berlin… Defend the defenseless in what remains of Palestine, and allow future history, to forgive us on this day, for not doing it sooner; posterity will make the reckoning. This is the action demanded from this Council to fulfill its universal, humanitarian obligation.




18 September 2008