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Fifty - eighth  session (18 March - 26 April 2002)

 Item 5:  The right of peoples to self-determination and its application to peoples under colonial or alien domination or foreign occupation 

Mr. Chairman, 

            The intensive offensive military attacks of the strong against the weak are still committed daily and subjecting world peace to serious threats and consequences.  The degradation and humiliation that the Afghani people had to undergo; the killing, besieging and bombing of Palestinians and demolition of their homes and farms on the hands of Sharon and his gang under the protection of the American veto;  the threats facing the people of Southwestern Asia in Iran, Iraq, and North Korea due to the arrogance of a force driven towards hegemony that warns of more evil and devastating outcomes for the world.  All of this is taking place under the umbrella of a media full of falsifications, distortions, incitements to hatred, and deliberate eradicating of basic historical facts in a dreadful atmosphere of deafening silence and an indifference from world leaders and those in charged, which makes us in an outcry question -

What has become of international legitimacy ??!!

Where is international law in all of this chaos ??!!

Where is the General Assembly of the United Nations, and where is

the Security Council ??!!

            One of the causes of great discord humanity is facing has been long promoted through world media.  As it has reached almost every corner of the earth, world media has used selective and subjective data in dubious, questionable and ingenious ways to impose a propaganda on the world.  The media’s dressing and fitting a lie the attire of truth is much more dangerous and destructive than downright lying since very few viewers exercise the necessary caution or have a sufficient grasp of the facts.  Fitting a lie the attire of truth involves emphasizing half of the truth and intentionally overlooking the other half.  It also involves attaching significance to the insignificant while making what is significant appear to be insignificant.  Such world media practices rely on misrepresentation of the truth not in the ordinary sense of falsification, but rather, in a complicated and clever fabrication of misleading information.  The role world media has played is largely a subliminal one, detected only by experts highly specialized in their given fields. 

            World media and the influence few powerful pressure and special interest groups have over it has become an indisputable realty.  It has been turned into an underhanded weapon against the human mind, which is staggering in contradictions that will definitely lead to dangerous and dire consequences.  The media is one of the main reasons behind what we are witnessing today and behind what we will witness tomorrow of oppression, transgressions, and wars.  So, is there a way to confront that deceitful media and those who knowingly mix what’s false with what’s true ? 

Mr. Chairman,

            The preamble of the Charter of the United Nations states:  “We the People of the United Nations”

            These words have their depth and powerful meaning, and “we the people of the United Nations” must uphold them through our work.  Nongovernmental organizations are the ones that truly represent the people of the world.  They have to firmly and jointly speak against the recklessness of the strong and powerful whose actions threaten to end this world.

            Our organization calls upon the international community and NGOs to support the following recommendations which we consider of utmost importance: 

(1) To strongly and firmly call upon the Secretary-General of the United Nations to work at ending the massacres committed here and there by the dictating force, and to openly condemn in the strongest possible terms during this CHR any use of military force out of the context of Security Council resolutions.

(2)  To call upon the Secretary-General to work towards seeking a possible solution to the right of veto and its interference with resolutions adopted by consensus.  We recommend devising appropriate measures and procedures to ensure the forwarding of any veto interfering with a resolution adopted by consensus to the International Court of Justice for a final ruling to support or to override the veto. 

(3)  To call upon the Secretary-General to work in cooperation with the General Assembly of the United Nations on finding a binding article in the Charter regarding forwarding all international conflicts to the International Court of Justice, and that for military force not to be used except after a ruling is issued by that court.

(4)  To call on the Secretary-General to try to work towards the establishment of a global satellite channel network to be transmitted in all of the official languages of the UN.  The global channel should be operated and directed under the supervision of the General Secretariat to televise events like the work and conferences of the United Nations and to encounter deceptive and misleading media coverage by shedding light on issues of concern to international cooperation and human solidarity. 

Mr. Chairman,

            Could our recommendations be oversimplifying complicated matters ?

Could it be that we are aspiring for outlandish ideals beyond humanity’s reach ?

It may be so, but we acknowledge that humanity’s greatest strides towards peace and prosperity and the prevention of wide scale pain and suffering were made possible because of similar aspirations. 


20 March 2002