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4th Session of the Human Rights Council

12 March – 30 March 2007

 A Test Case: General Assembly Resolution & the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice

 Segment/Subject of the Meeting: Interactive Dialogue with Mr. J. Dugard on his Report concerning Occupied Palestinian Territories

 The International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (EAFORD), Arab Lawyers Union, Union of Arab Jurists, and Organization for Defending Victims of Violence will be brief, and will address a central issue: the responsibility of states to abide by the rule of law in settling international conflicts, and in particular, to act in compliance with the resolutions they voted for in the General Assembly of the United Nations.

 A test case in this regard is the General Assembly resolution confirming and accepting the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice in the case of the separation wall being constructed by Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including Jerusalem.

 The resolution was adopted by an overwhelming vote of the General Assembly, including the votes of members of the European Union (EU), the Russian Federation, China and the non-aligned countries. Only six members voted against it.

 What is now required of at least that vast majority is to adopt policies and actions in implementation of the ruling and principles established in that case by the World Court.

 It is their duty and responsibility to do so, if only in line with their positive votes. They should stop blaming and punishing the victim and imposing conditions on them. Instead they should direct their pressure, sanctions, and boycott on Israel, the guilty party that still refuses to abide by the ruling of the Court. In this way, they will restore people’s confidence in the rule of law and the world organization, and contribute to the solution of the problem.


23 March 2007