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Commission on Human Rights

Sixty-second  session (13 March 21 April 2006)

2nd Session of the Human Rights Council

18 September 6 October 2006


The Only Solution for the Future of Israel

is the One Reached by Ending Apartheid in South Africa


Our organization is wondering as many participants may also be wondering: Why do not the Israeli leaders learn the lesson from their old friends in apartheid South Africa??!! Conflicts, tragedies, pain and destruction continued in South Africa for decades among the poor residents of the area who were helpless in the face of white Europeans armed to the teeth. We all know the level of humiliation and suppression black Africans suffered for very long decades. The last of these tragedies was the suffering of the great lawyer Nelson Mandela, who spent over 25 years behind bars of the apartheid regime. At the end, some white leaders realized that the continuity of that unjust barbaric regime that was abhorred by all humanity except by Israel would not be in the best interest of the white minority in the long run. Consequently, these leaders decided to give rights back to their African owners and let them run their country, leading to the stability of the area and peaceful co-existence among whites and blacks, ending for good that terrible tragedy.


That great peaceful reality the whole world witnesses now has been the result of what wise white leaders realized in South Africa. That same reality can be achieved in Palestine and the surrounding region if the Israeli leaders and international Zionist leaders realize the crystal-clear truth that for each action there is a reaction equal to it in brutality and cruelty. No matter how strong and arrogant Israel is and no matter how it uses its power to humiliate and torture the Palestinian people, it will never achieve no matter for how long the security and stability of Jews in Palestine. The only way is to follow the path of the apartheid wise leaders of South Africa.


The Arab leaders have helped formulate that solution in their summit in Beirut in 2002. They offered Israel to conform to its borders according to the Partition Resolution, accept the return of Palestinian refugees to their usurped lands or compensate those who do not want to return. In return, the Arab world will accept Israel, recognize it and cooperate with it for the benefit and flourishing of that region of the globe.


Nowadays, Israel has come to experience the horror and pain of rockets of resistance falling over its people. In the future, these rockets will be longer in range and more destructive and painful in effect. Is that what the Israeli and Zionist leadership want for the Jewish people in this region of the world??!! The dream to finish off the resistance they unjustly call terrorism is no more than an illusion that will never come true. Yes, the Palestinian and Arab resistance are also suffering and their blood is running and shed every day. But at the end of the day, who will last longer; the owner or the transgressing occupier??!!


Great historians of the world, including Jewish ones, all acknowledge that the Zionist project of establishing Israel by force and arrogance is bound to fail no matter how long it takes. That result is blatantly obvious for every wise person. In Addition, the 21st century is definitely different from the 18th or 19th centuries. So, why does not the Israeli leadership try another path? Namely, one of peaceful co-existence and recognize the borders defined by the United Nations in the resolution that brought Israel into existence in the first place. For Israel to gain official recognition, it should meet the following conditions:


1-     Respect the borders as defined by the Partition Resolution;

2-      Never touch or violate the status of Al-Quds (Jerusalem);

3-     Allow Arab Palestinians (Muslims and Christians) to return to their homes, be they in Israel or other parts of Palestine.


In fact, these very same conditions were mentioned in the Arab Initiative of 2002, which we referred to earlier. The reluctance of Israeli leaders to accept these conditions is definitely not in the best interest of our fellow Jews. The Arab region has its own glories and history. Zionism and the United States may as well play their dirty games somewhere else away from the cradle of civilizations and land of divine prophecies. Their game here is impossible. Others have tried and harvested nothing but defeat and disappointment.




August 2006