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Commission on Human Rights

Sixty-second  session (13 March Ė 21 April 2006)

 People will triumph over the racist leaderships that show total ignorance of human history 

One trillion Dollars! We repeat it, dear participants. The world spends one trillion Dollars annually to manufacture and trade weapons and uses them to shed human blood everywhere on earth. We should ask ourselves, why do soldiers equipped with fatal and destructive weapons come thousands of miles from distant lands to kill their fellow human beings, destroy their farms and properties, and spread corruption, darkness and sadness? Let me repeat the question, which you should also ask yourself: Why do these catastrophes happen in the 21st century, supposedly in a century in which humanity has reached a certain level of maturity based on logic and reason and in a century in which the world has become a small village through communications? 

They told us, Mr. Chairman, that they do it to combat terrorism! They fight terrorism so that it will be uprooted. Where are the roots of terrorism? In their minds, the roots are supposedly found in the region where all civilizations and divine prophecies appeared, namely in the Arab region! Truth, facts and reality, dear participants, refute this horrible allegation. The truth is that current events are nothing but the outcome of racism and racial discrimination. They are the result of the racism and arrogance of power and evil. 

The true and honest answer to our questions, dear colleagues, is that terrorism originates in the hateful racism coming from our leaders' ignorance of the reality of human history and evolution. All peoples, races, and religions have been involved in achieving the scientific advancements and contributed to the progress of civilization that we have witnessed and are witnessing today. 

Mr. Chairman, we think that if the leaders of this world, particularly the most powerful ones, would have had anything to do with the geniuses of history like Khaldoun, Wells, Le Bon, or Durant, they would have not had these destructive and fatal attitudes that fueled the trillion dollars spent to manufacture, trade and use weapons.  Instead, this money could have been used to set-up millions of schools and provide employment in these schools for millions of the unemployed, and the International Court of Justice would have been granted the

necessary powers to eliminate the conflicts that pervade all over the world. 

Mr. Chairman, we dream of a day when the superpowers of the West, particularly the United States, come to understand and realize that terrorism cannot be exterminated by committing more violent and unjust acts of terrorism. People react. What happens in Palestine, Iraq, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo provokes wrath and rebellion amongst aggravated young people whose reactions cannot be easily controlled. Terrorism can surely be stopped anywhere and at any time by means of justice, equality, preservation of human dignity and granting rights to the wronged, oppressed and aggrieved.  

Is it logical and conscionable that the Palestine issue - or rather Palestine tragedy- remains without a just solution for more than half a century?  Isnít it possible that the international community and the world superpowers help return the victims to their homelands, farms and properties, whereon they have lived for thousands of years? How do reason, logic and sense of responsibility accept that the US Administration refuses to recognize a verdict passed by 14 judges in the International Court of Justice against a racist wall? The United States should enforce such resolutions using its power instead of using its power for acts of violence and terror against other peoples of the world.  

Mr. Chairman, we believe that the people should triumph and overcome arrogant racist leaderships and that the great American people might soon find a new Lincoln, Wilson or Eisenhower.  

Thank you Mr. Chairman.



March 2006