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Commission on Human Rights

Sixty-second  session (13 March – 21 April 2006)

 Racist Trends have nothing to do with Democracy and Freedom of Speech  

Mr. Chairman,  

In this century --or rather during these very weeks and recent months-- humankind has been confronting the most dangerous and violent forms of racism and racial discrimination.  This is a problem, which has been inflicted upon humanity throughout its long history of struggle. 

We think that the public and their civil leaderships represented through non-governmental organizations (NGOs) should confront these forms of racism with honesty, loyalty and extreme care. Without the immediate restraint and banishment of such racist trends, the public masses will turn furious; a matter that will inevitably make it impossible to control the anger of these demonized and dehumanized people. The eventual outcome will result in fatal consequences that will be inflicted upon all eastern, western, northern and southern countries of the world. 

Mr. Chairman, we recognize that humans have a certain weakness and that some of us may be driven by negative biases arising from ignorance and irresponsibility towards our fellow human beings by abusing the religious symbols of a certain religious denomination. Hence, world leadership as well as civil leadership, particularly non-governmental organizations, should confront this sick phenomenon at once.  They should stop the people involved in this misconduct and force them to retreat from and renounce these risky and endangering attacks on the sacred and holy religious symbols of others through law and justice.  

We all know that these racist trends have nothing to do with democracy or freedom of opinion or expression. Humankind, throughout its long development, has adopted a principle that is deeply rooted in humanity: the principle that man is undoubtedly free. Yet, he is responsible to a great extent. That is to say, man has the right to do whatever he wants and express his opinion freely within the framework of not abusing the physical or spiritual rights of others.  In other words, you have the right to argue others points of views, but you have no right to ridicule them and ridicule their beliefs

We are astonished, Mr. Chairman and dear participants, that the advanced western world, which established and passed deterrent laws against those who are driven to abuse the religious symbols or sanctuaries of others, like what happened to our brethren the Jews in Europe and the US at the beginning of the last century, recklessly abuse the sanctuaries of others under the pretext of the freedom of expression and democracy! Isn't this double standard policy an example of one of the most horrible forms and manifestations of racism? 


Due to the progress witnessed in the field of telecommunications and transportation, our world has become a global village. We are all required to have a spirit of fraternity, love and compassion in order to achieve the ambition and inner longing of the human family for a united planethood. We hope we all absorb the enlightened holy scriptures that says: "O mankind!  We have created you, male and female, and have made you into nations and tribes that ye may know one another.  The noblest of you, in the sight of God, is the best in piety and conduct." On one hand, such sacred call is addressed to all people regardless of their religions and doctrines.  On the other hand, there is no doubt that “best in piety and conduct” means not to inflict harm unto others.   

Finally, Mr. Chairman, we call upon the experts, special rapporteurs, and members of the CHR to issue a UN resolution that prohibits, by means of deterrent sanctions, abuses of so called freedom of expression which may incite hatred, harm the spirit of brotherhood, and endanger the lives of human beings.


Thank You Mr. Chairman.



March 2006