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Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

Fifty - seventh  session (25 July - 12 August 2005) 

Item 5: Prevention of discrimination 

In the end of the 1980s, our organization held a meeting whereby many participants among them former Senator MCclusky mentioned how US democracy opened the door of opportunity for a meager 2% of American people who have become the more active and dynamic players that hold the main keys of economy, media, culture, and press in the United States, and perhaps even worldwide. This way, they force US leaders, Congress and the White House into the dire straits of the ambitions of international Zionism to achieve the dream of Greater Israel -- from the Nile to the Euphrates -- as manifested on the Israeli flag by the two blue lines.

These ulterior Zionist motives have actually fit in with the ambitions of leaders of extremist US right -- to dominate the oil of the Arab world -- so as to stand up to Chinese and European economic competition to the United States. Eventually that has led to the US Forces falling into the quagmire of Iraq and the consequent destruction, bloodshed, pain and tragedies that hit the international community at large -- including large swathes of the US population and many Jews in Israel -- decried.

Mr. Chairman, it seems that one of the major problems human society faces in many regions of the world is the gap between people and their political leaderships that abuse the power of money and media. One of the clear indications concerning this widening gap is the popular poll that was conducted throughout Europe last year. That poll showed some 59% of Europeans consider the Israeli leadership, followed by the US leadership, to be posing the gravest danger to this planet. Those who attended the opening of the meetings of the Commission on Human Rights in Geneva last March must have witnessed the warm applaud Cuba's representative enjoyed -- while addressing the session -- as his words were sharp arrows directed at US policies and attacking its ulterior plans around the world. Undoubtedly, that loud, continuous applause Cuba's representative received did not reflect absolute support for Cuba, but it mainly reflected the resentment most of the participants share of the blind policy US leaderships have lately been employing around the world.

Mr. Chairman, the question that poses itself now is: If it is proven to us that political leaderships -- in most cases -- are driven by blind ambitions into crises that befall their peoples and the world at large, how can we pull the breaks on the rashness of such adventurous leaders and how can the peoples have the upper hand in the affairs that affect them and affect the entire planet??? Our organization has previously answered this question in different ways stressing that the fort of the people -- now and in the future -- is the United Nations. Should earth nations want to limit the tyranny of politicians and their insane fatal ambitions, these nations -- represented in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) -- should make this great organization the shelter for solving all regional and international conflicts, through strengthening its main branches as the International Court of Justice, Security Council and Commission on Human Rights. We are confident NGOs will surely reach that noble and great goal by insisting and persisting in this path.  Our final word to Bush and any other leader in this world: If you desire to enter history through its widest gates, you have to help humanity in this direction; the direction of strengthening the United Nations and its various institutions.




8 August 2005