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Commission on Human Rights  

Sixty-first  session (14 March – 22 April 2005)

 Item 11:  Civil and political rights, including the question of: (d) Independence of the judiciary, administration of justice, impunity

             This organization, which we are honored to represent, has been granted a certificate by the United Nations (UN) Secretary General as being a peace messenger in recognition of the efforts it has been exerting in this field for more than a quarter of a century. We take great pride in such a valuable recognition that fills us with determination to fulfill that noble and sacred mission.

Our anxious and confused world suffers from irrational acts of violence committed by some people who rush to wars, killings, extermination, and use their destructive weapons against the Middle East region, known as the cradle of civilizations and divine prophecies. Honesty and frankness, Mr. Chairman, require that we tell the truth. Although most of the participants and us are tolerant and broadminded, we cannot grasp the justifications and pretexts provided by those conquerors coming from distant lands (around 10.000 miles) to use such devastating weapons unmercifully and ruthlessly against their brethren in humanity.  All justifications provided by those brutal forces for their atrocious criminal invasions have been proven to be false and fake. The only evident goal of such criminal invasion is to control the oil that abounds in the region and open the way in front of world Zionism to violate that sacred region and manipulate its destiny.  

The hope of humanity is that all peoples realize that groups have developed into families, then tribes and finally, states have been formed. We are now in the process of forming blocs of states, heralded by the European Union (EU). 

History tells us about the formation of states. States have been developed on the basis of achieving justice among members of groups forming those states. Such deeply-rooted traditional and basic element is still one of the main and most important pillars – if not the most important one in itself – for survival, stability and progress of a state. It can be the cornerstone for establishing the long-awaited international union, through which peace may prevail.

           The United Nations has established the International Court of Justice (ICJ).  Such a great establishment is currently regarded as the only remaining hope for humankind to avoid wars, settle disputes among nations, reach an understanding and achieve unity. We wonder why the major western states that call for reforming human community have not attempted to pay more attention and exert more efforts to grant the court more powers to help achieve peace all over the world.  Instead of waging wars and causing destruction, United States’ power should have been invested in strengthening the International Court of Justice (ICJ).  We, hereby, call upon all participants, particularly non-governmental organizations (NGOs), to do their utmost for empowering the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in order to be able to settle international disputes and conflicts and do justice to weak nations in their struggle against the arrogance of power demonstrated by powerful states.

 It is the dream of humanity as a whole and one day it has to be fulfilled.



1 April 2005