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Fifty - eighth  session (18 March - 26 April 2002)

 Item 6:  Racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and all forms of discrimination 

Mr. Chairman, 

            What we and everyone have observed during recent years and especially during recent months is the liquidation and mass killing of people through starving them, and striking thousands of tons of bombs and missiles of mass destruction at them and at the basic cultural, economic, and industrial infrastructure on which they stand.  This has become justifiable in international politics and under the umbrella of the United Nations in which we are considered affiliated nongovernmental organizations with consultative status.

            Clearly this inhumane and utterly uncivilized phenomenon, perpetrated by those who claim to be more advanced and civilized, is not free from the remnants of racist ethnic contempt.  This racist ethnic contempt, based on religion or beliefs, is merged in a subtle way with serving the self-indulgent interests of a superpower that is dictating by force the fate of the people of the Third World.

            The manner in which some have tried to fight international terrorism is, in fact, terrorism in itself in its ugliest form and manifestation.  Randomly launching thousands of tons of bombs and striking hundreds of missiles of mass destruction against poor and desperate people who are so defenseless that they lack even the means to prove their innocence from the allegations and accusations made against them, is the primary source to the phenomenon of international terrorism.  History tells us that we reap what we saw and those who loathe and oppress can expect to reap what they saw multiplied, or so says history. 

Mr. Chairman, 

            The people of the world were astonished and deeply troubled by the statement about the “axis of evil” as uttered by President Bush since it hints to the introduction of a new war in a highly strategic region with a potential of multiple explosions that could spread worldwide.  The arrogance coupled with the ignorance of the strong can bring untold misery to all.

            From the very first moment the American President declared it: a crusade.  He was followed by Silvio Berlusconi’s statement about the Islamic civilization being different and not rising to the standards of the Western civilization.  A statement which made him not only a hypocrite appealing to the American President, but also showed, at the same time, his lack of knowledge about European history and the history of Italy in particular, especially concerning what Arabs and Muslims brought to European civilization and how they helped restored its Grecian civilization with many of the historical efforts of Arab and Muslim intellectuals, scientists and philosophers. 

            Just as the American President offered an apology for his blunder, which was quite a regrettable one, so did the Prime Minister of Italy.  However, any psychologist would analyze those Freudian slips as revealing of what lies psychologically beneath the surface which is racism emanating from the lack of knowledge about basic historical facts.

            The force overpowering the region without systematic or historical ties is an imminent and impending threat that could endanger world peace and result in serious consequences.  It is a dangerous force threatening not only others, but also itself.  Therefore, it must be confronted by all legitimate means as constituted by international law.

            The inhuman outcomes resulting from the racist arrogance of this massive force and shocking humanity’s conscience has become a tragic widespread phenomenon.  It is causing despair and sorrow in the despondent and oppressed populations of this planet and is considered a cruel affront to humanity which will not be forgiven by future generations.

            NGOs represent to a large extent the conscience of humanity and have the solemn duty to declare their standpoint and to firmly address and confront these senseless and mindless acts.  Their objections must be heard by those in charge of these affairs throughout the world including here in the United Nations and Security Council.  We are seriously beginning to question and wonder about where the United Nations and its Secretary-General stand concerning what is taking place in the world nowadays??!!

            We continue to hope and repeat our call for the people of the world to keep on believing in this great institution, the “United Nations”, since any shaking in its credibility or loss of confidence and trust in its mission will mean a real jeopardy of a wider scale and beyond the bounds of reason for this world. 


22 March 2002