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Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

Fifty - sixth  session (26 July - 13 August 2004)

Item 5:  Prevention of discrimination 

The racist tendencies and the policy of double-standards or even multiple standards have been put on display for the whole world to see. Actually, it was the provocative and shocking situations that are taking place in Palestine and Iraq, which have brought shame and scandal to American policy, and which a few weeks ago, led a large group of old and eminent American diplomats and retired American Army generals to sign a petition uncovering the wrong and racist American policy adopted in the Arab region. The petition vehemently condemns the American leadership, which is dominated by right-wing extremist thought that obediently serves the wishes and aims of international Zionism. 

Mr. Chairman,

What makes the above-mentioned petition extremely important is that its signatories represent both sides of the American population, be they democrats or republicans, and that many of them are determined to achieve the same objective: to prevent the administration of Bush Junior from winning another term, because this administration has misled the American people and justified the invasion of Iraq in spite of the opposition of the UN Security Council. To achieve this, the American administration resorted to a series of lies about the weapons of mass destruction owned by Iraq, Saddam Hussein’s links to the Al-Qa’eda Organization on the one hand and to the events of September 11th on the other hand. All these lies and allegations turned out to have no factual basis.

It has become crystal clear - and this has been confirmed by everyone, even the American elite that issued the aforementioned petition, many world leaderships, writers and thinkers and some of our Jewish brothers - that the September 11th events and their repercussions were a pretext used by Bush and his group of supporters in order to carry on their tyrannical onslaught on the Arab and Muslim region, serving the ambitions of the Israeli - Sharoni expansion on the one hand, and the aim of controlling the region’s oil sources on the other hand. This represents an attempt to maliciously curb European and Chinese economic aspirations in the region. It has led many analysts to say that Bush Junior and his supporters were looking for an occasion like the events of September 11th and that, had it not come, they would have created it themselves. Some go so far as to say that American and Zionist intelligence played a rather suspicious part in these events. 

Mr. Chairman, 

It becomes plain as a result of what has been mentioned above that international Zionism, which is deep-rooted in the American right, cannot exist in conformity or in harmony with the majority of the countries of the world and their people. In fact, it is the ambition of the inhabitants of this planet to end the dreadful conflict taking place in the cradle of ancient civilization and divine prophecies. This conflict, which spreads suffering and tragedies among the innocent most of the time, will not end and no noble aims can be achieved as long as Israel and its influential aids within American political decision-making circles are attempting by means of a biased campaign and massive media-onslaught to categorize national resistance movements among terrorist acts. At the same time, they consider the occupation of land, daily oppression, the killing of women and children, the demolishing of homes, the uprooting of olive trees, and all the horrors perpetrated by Sharon and his entourage as necessary measures intended to defend the security of Israel. This odious racist trend that has now been exposed uses resistance to the American occupation in Iraq and the natural vengeful reaction to the behavior of the American army soldiers and commanders in Abu-Gharib prison as a pretext for instigating violence against Arabs and Muslims and calling for their extermination from the face of the Earth. 

The situation in this hot spot portends a final complete disaster from which no one will escape unless the international community and the peoples of the world take steps to avoid these extremely evil and egoist trends and close ranks in face of the racist and impossible ambitions of the administration of Bush Junior and his Zionist supporters.

We are confident that all the experts and non-governmental organizations that really represent the peoples of the world and the spirit for good in it will voice their definite and firm stand on this issue during this meeting by openly and jointly condemning those who have filled this great land with racism and corruption. 


2 August 2004