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Fifty - ninth  session (17 March - 25 April 2003)

Item 8: Question of the violation of human rights in the occupied Arab territories, including Palestine 

In accordance with the gloomy events and insane trends that have been taking place especially during the last few months, we can anticipate a disaster to hit humanity as long as things continue to run in this twisted fashion and alarming way, which strayed from all concepts and principles of rationality and good judgment.   

People all over the world are astonished and stunned by what is happening around them.  And allow me to admit, Madam Chairman, that I no longer understand anything in relation to where we are being led, how they can do what they are doing, and why all this zeal in committing such injustice?  I practiced law for fifty years and had the chance to read most of the historical encyclopedias from Homer to Durant, but what we are facing right now is worse and beyond imagination and reason. 

By playing the war drums day and night, what are the objectives that the United States and Britain want to achieve in Iraq and other Arab countries?  Why do they spread fear and injustice in that region and the rest of the world?  Is it for oil?  Oil which they get cheaper than bottled water?!  Do they want to control the oil resources in order to control the future of the whole world and to fulfill their arrogant objective of achieving hegemonic domination in order to serve their ill-motivated self-interests? 

Madam Chairman, 

People of the world will never allow the fulfillment of these ill-conceived and racist objectives that destroy national pride and other sacred human values.  We, and people worldwide, want to know why Iraq?  Representatives and supporters of this aggressive outlook and these racist policies must tell us why Iraq?  Why should they attack Iraq with the harshest form of warfare, massive killings, and destruction after subjecting it to humiliating inspections and a cruel and degrading siege through a long and unfair embargo, which killed over a million Iraqi children and treaded on these noble people and their sacred soil that was the cradle of great ancient civilizations?!   

Those who are leading the war campaign should tell us why they keep silent about Israelís weapons of mass destruction and its huge stock of nuclear, biological and chemical warfare?  Why donít they stop Israel from killing the helpless Palestinians, invading their towns and villages, bulldozing their homes and uprooting their trees?  Israel, this colonial, racist and Zionist regime that arrogantly ridiculed hundreds of resolutions adopted by the United Nations General Assembly and flagrantly defied over thirty resolutions issued by the Security Council.  The latest unanimous Security Council resolution regarding the massacre of Jenin is still a subject at hand.  Hasnít Israelís Prime Minister Ariel Sharon trampled upon this unanimous resolution with his bloodstained feet against the will of the world community and in violation of the vote of every member State of the United Nations, which as an international representative body, is being belittled and contemptuously defied through Israelís total disregard to its decisions.   

Where is the United States and Great Britain in all of this chaos when it relates to UN resolutions concerning Israel?  Where is United States and Great Britain when it comes to enforcing Security Council resolutions concerning the massacres and human suffering in Occupied Palestine?  Where is the United States and Great Britain that claim to attack Iraq to enforce Security Council resolutions and that used their armies and the most technologically advanced war machines against the so-called violations by Iraq and the Iraqi regime, or whomever is unjustly accused by them?  The delegates representing these States must explain to the world community their justification of these ill-advised policies of double-standard which have been an insult to public intelligence and have become an affront to the dignity of humanity at large. 

We call upon the civil society and non-governmental organizations, and we implore each of them and all the participants attending this meeting to take up the challenge of asking for answers because we are responsible for the safety of this planet.  We have to jointly and strongly voice our opposition by saying no to double-standard policies, no to war, no to subduing and humiliating other nations, no to destruction and hegemony.  We must be the leading pioneers who stand firm, not later but now, in the face of those evil warmongers and their killing machines.   


March 31st, 2003