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Fifty - ninth  session (17 March - 25 April 2003) 

Item 6:  Racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and all forms of discrimination 

In the past few weeks, we have seen millions of demonstrators in more than 600 cities all over the world, saying no to war.  It is an authentic translation of the strong wave and widespread sentiments against the wrong approach taken by the evil and arrogant elements in the United States, Britain and Israel.  It is the voice of reason against those who are obsessed with achieving their ignorant and racist ends of pushing the world towards war and destruction. 

It is very clear that citizens of those countries stand firm against the aggressive policies of their governments and their leaders.  They strongly oppose their leaders’ outrageous obsession with increased influence and world hegemony. The massive demonstrations that took place in cities like London, New York and Tel Aviv reflect this widening gap between the people and their leaders.   

Therefore, Madam Chairman, it is our duty as we meet today under the banner of human rights to confirm and emphasize the magnificent human sentiments and values, which drove those people and others like Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela and the Pope to the streets to express their opposition to war, misery and destruction. 

What do those obsessed leaders want?  The United States and Britain’s national borders are not being threatened, thereby any military action by them cannot be considered legitimate defense.  Iraq did not attack them, and there is no connection between the isolated Iraq under the siege of sanctions for twelve years and what happened to the World Trade Towers on September 11th.  There is neither ties between Al Qaeda activities and Iraq nor any connection with the anthrax letters that were mailed in the United States by a well known American Zionist. 

Iraq today does not have enemies or animosity towards anyone, and all of us know that Iraq’s moves in the past, towards the east or the south, were empowered and supported by the American administration.  Iraq does not have the capability to attack Israel.  Israel was the aggressor when it attacked Iraq and destroyed its nuclear reactor more than 20 years ago.  It is proven that Iraq does not have any weapons of mass destruction according to the United Nations and the International Atomic Agency’s latest reports after years of extensive inspections as well as air, land and sea surveillance.   

Israel is the one that is piling nuclear, chemical and biological weapons without restrictions and threatening the whole region.  Israel is the one that owns advanced air force and ballistic missiles that launch across continents.  And it is Israel that is using all its might against the helpless Palestinians by killing them, bulldozing their villages and demolishing their homes.  It is these heart-rending tragic massacres committed hourly and daily and witnessed as televised in gruesome details on most satellite news channels that are of grave concern to humanity.  Yet we never hear one word from Mr. Bush or Mr. Blair to stop the massacres or disarm Israel.    

This scandalous joggling of more than double-standard diplomacy reflects racist and criminal-minded policies that have tarnished and broken humanity’s will through degradation and humiliation.  More than that, it is a great threat to our societies and to the movement of the civilized world to regress to the law of the jungle, where the strong fiercely attacks the weak without any moral, legal or conscience deterrence. 

The United States is challenging the world, contemptuously overruling various sovereign nations and their people’s will, ridiculing the legitimacy of International Law, and trying to destroy the United Nations since it is probably the last obstacle in its way to controlling and ruling the world.  The United States does not care to lose the support of the whole world as long as it has Israel as its ally, as well as International Zionism and the blood thirsty gangs whose evil and ill will joined to kill and destroy all that is Iraqi and all that is Palestinian.  

Humanity’s aspirations and undying hope is for a peaceful world full of harmony, respect, tolerance, and cultural dialogue where human rights represent the supreme rule and where once and for all racism is buried forever.  The United Nations is the great body that holds the promise to protect and shelter this dream for every human being in every region of the world.  The United Nations is our only hope and we must defend it against acts of arrogance and malice and defend it from the ill-informed and irrational political leaders who are driving the world towards wars and suffering.  The Commission on Human Rights in its 59th session must firmly and strongly, right now, say no, no, no to those warmongers and their satanic schemes of evil and destruction.  


March 25th, 2003