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Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

Fifty - fifth  session (28 July - 15 August 2003)

Item 5:  Prevention of discrimination  

If you listen to a radio program broadcasted by the BBC from London, called “voice messages” from Iraqis to their loved ones in Iraq, you will hear a message from a university student in California asking about her parents in Baghdad; another message from a university professor in Germany worried about his wife and two kids in Mosul, and a lady caller from a Swiss hospital asking the whereabouts of her son in Basra!!! 

Madam Chairman,  

            Anyone who listens to those messages, regardless of his race or nationality, will be deeply moved upon hearing the sad and helpless voices of those who are suffering the loss of their relatives and loved ones.  It is due to the unfolding tragedy as a consequence of this insane aggression against Iraq for no other purpose but to control this country’s resources and to arrogantly bully and coerce its people.  

            The perpetrators of this crime of racial hatred falsely claimed that their intent was to free the world from Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.  Needless to say, years of inspection by United Nations teams proved that Iraq had none.  The false claim was initiated and fabricated by international Zionism and arms traders.  After several months of occupation, the war criminals have yet to prove their false claims!!!  Meanwhile, with American protection a neighboring Israel is piling all sorts of weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons.  When enforcing this contradiction, racism and racial discrimination are obviously the most outstanding components of this twisted equation.

            Hence, the world faces a major question.  What is the reaction of the United Nations and its member states now that it has become crystal clear that what the President of the United States said regarding Iraq in his State of the Union speech was a downright lie to mislead the public and world community in order to wage the unjustified aggression against Iraq???

            Shouldn’t this alone be enough cause to warrant driving any head of State out of Office, especially when his lies led his country to commit all its military resources to wage an unjust war against a member State of the United Nations?

 Madam Chairman, 

If there were any justice in this world, those who waged this tragic war should be brought to justice and tried in front of the United Nations and the international community to serve as an example throughout history.

            Some may wonder why our organization is deeply concerned about the Iraqi tragedy while there are other equally disturbing conflicts around the globe???  Let’s not forget the recent tragedy of 11/09/2001, where almost 3000 innocent lives were lost who had no link to any of the outstanding conflicts from near or far.  To answer this question, we must emphasize that war against Iraq was based on big lies told by the leaders of two leading countries (The United States and Great Britain).  Both leaders ignored Security Council resolutions, the outcry of international public opinion as well as the widespread demonstrations of their own people that opposed such a war.      

Madam Chairman, 

            We still believe that the United Nations is our only refuge as humanity faces its increasing vulnerability and the threats that surround it day by day.   There is no way to counter these threats but for nongovernmental organizations to stand firmly and work jointly against such deviations.  NGOs must strongly condemn violations of international law and pursue justice through the International Criminal Court.


12 August 2003