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The following Appeal was sent by EAFORD to all Foreign Ministers, to Permanent Missions to the United Nations, to Ministers and Delegates who served during the seventies, as well as to the Press, regarding the disappearance of Mr. Mansur Kikhia: 

February  14th, 1995 

Dear Sir, 

Allow me to remind you of one of your colleagues who served as Libya’s Minister of Foreign Affairs during the same period you represented the Foreign Ministry of your country.  He has also been a colleague of many delegates at the United Nations. This colleague is Mr. Mansur Kikhia who disappeared in Cairo’s streets in the Arab Republic of Egypt since approximately fifteen months ago on December 10th, 1993.  Throughout this period, the disappearance has remained mysterious, and no one is certain what happened to Mr. Mansur Kikhia.  The Egyptian investigations remain to be classified documents as well.  No one knows why these investigations are not being revealed to the international community and public opinion so people can know to which direction efforts should be made to rescue this man, since many of us hope and speculate that Mr. Mansur is still being detained in some unidentified place. 

We appeal to you Sir with the expectation and hope that someone out there will sympathize with the tears of Mansur’s wife and children, and the agony of his friends and everyone who knew him in the United Nations and in the field of the defense of human rights.  Mr. Mansur Kikhia represented Libya in the United Nations and in the Security Council for many years during the seventies.  He is a founding member in the Executive Council of the International Organization For The Elimination Of All Forms Of Racial Discrimination (EAFORD).  He is also an active member in the headquarters of the Arab Jurists Organization and played a major role in establishing and assisting associations for the handicapped worldwide.  In addition, Mr. Mansur Kikhia is a founding member on the board of the Arab Organization For Human Rights (AOHR), which is the organization that was the indirect cause of his disappearance when he went to Cairo to participate in one of its meetings and disappeared at the end of its convening on December 10th, 1993.  Ironically, December 10th is the day designated by the United Nations to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

Mr. Mansur Kikhia who actively struggled for the defense of the human rights of others worldwide, has been denied his right to freedom, and his right to life is also being threatened.  The only remaining hope lies in good men of your character with the background, strong will and reasonable authority to reveal the mystery of this disappearance, and to free this colleague of ours so he can return to his family and to his friends. 

President Hussni Mubarak has shown concern about this matter and promised to assist in the ongoing investigation process.  Muamar Al-Qaddafi also said that he considered Mansur as one of his friends.  President Clinton has expressed his concern about the disappearance of Mansur too.  No doubt, this overall concern and the promises that were made require more drastic measures and continuous follow-up, which we hope can be achieved and expedited through your contacts and experience in such urgent matters. 

We appeal to you Sir in the name of human brotherhood and solidarity in carrying out this humanitarian mission, which will add yet another deed to the long list of your noble efforts in the human rights field, and will distinguish you in the eternal memory of nations and people wherever they may be. 

Thank you in advance for any effort and support you exert in this regard.



14 February 1995