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Dear Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dr. Boutros Ghali, 

Allow us Sir to extend our salute of appreciation and recognition of your brave and fair affirmation and assertion of the crucial issues that express with loyalty and sincerity the role of the United Nations; this great institution which stands as one of humanity’s erecting hopes for a future full of peace and prosperity on this planet. 

THE INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR THE ELIMINATION OF ALL FORMS OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION (EAFORD) and many nongovernmental organizations enthusiastically and fully support your reelection, and will provide all of their modest resources to achieve this purpose.  After all, everyone believes that this great institution should be freed from the influence of the superpowers, which attempt to control its destiny and its resolutions to serve the ambition of politicians. 

The people of the world including the people of the United States of America who come from different backgrounds will all continue to support your brave and fair stance and all the efforts you have exerted in advancing this organization, United Nations, and improving its effectiveness.  These same people will raise their strong voices to oppose the double standards imposed by those that threaten this great fortress we refer to as the United Nations, and which, on behalf of the world, you have been assigned the power to serve as its guardian. 

It is our hope and request, dear Sir, that you continue during the upcoming five years raising the banner of equality among people and nations with the same courage and justice by which you have been known for many years.  May this be your duty, legacy and prophecy for the United Nations. Also, may it be a source of pride and a distinguished example for the sons and daughters of Africa and for the person who will succeed you as the guardian of this great fortress. 

We wish you success in all your present and future endeavors.   


8 July 1996