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To the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dr. Boutros Ghali,  

What we have noticed and everyone has observed during recent years and particularly during these present days is what has become a clear and reoccurring phenomenon that imposes itself upon us via television screens, reminding us of the Nazi and fascist crimes committed against humanity in the thirties and forties of this century.  Tragically, similar atrocities are being committed again through ethnic cleansing, mass killing, and the deliberate starving of people or by destroying the economic, industrial and cultural infrastructure upon which nations stand.  Such techniques are being currently used to justify international politics under the umbrella of the United Nations with which, we NGOs, are associated and have consultative status. 

 It is evident that this inhumane phenomenon, regardless of the political justifications for it, is one that is not devoid of detestable and loathsome racial elements irrespective of whether the nature of the conflict and hate is ethnic, religious, or ideological.  In an obscure way these racial elements have infiltrated the interests of the superpowers, who in turn, have been able to influence the decisions of the United Nations.    

The massacres and human disgrace witnessed in Lebanon, what has been happening in Chechnya, what the Palestinians have been forced to face, and all that has been taking place in the Balkan region; the state of disease and starvation imposed on the children of Iraq, the hardships that the Libyan people are encountering, the continuing fighting and killing in South Sudan for fifteen years, and other inhumane circumstances that keep shocking humanity’s conscience have become a tragic phenomenon prevailing worldwide and spreading despair and misery in the desperate and oppressed population of this planet. It is a cruel curse upon humanity’s forehead for which future generations will not forgive us. 

We believe that NGOs, which represent to a large extent humanity’s conscience, have the solemn duty to strongly and incessantly summon you regarding this matter.  Our objection to these shameful circumstances must be made known to all the officials of the United Nations.  We are confident that the Secretary-General will give his serious attention and consideration to our grave concerns and to how we stand on these issues and will utilize his international authority and influence effectively to help ease the suffering of these afflicted and unfortunate societies. 

We repeatedly state that our desire and ultimate hope is for the people of the world to continue believing in this great international organization --The United Nations-- because any change in its role or loss of trust in its mission conveys an imminent and a real disaster for this world indeed. 

We wish you success in your efforts and all your endeavors. 


We call upon all agencies and organizations that share this view to take what they believe to be the appropriate and necessary course of action regarding this matter.