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To Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan, in New York / USA,  

The United States of America and Britain are raging an offensive treacherous military attack on the peaceful unarmed people of Iraq.  In doing so, they have used the most technologically sophisticated means of warfare and annihilation which have resulted in hundreds of fatalities and the destruction of districts resided by civilians including hospitals filled with thousands of patients, children, women and the elderly.  The attack has been repressive, tyrannical and an outright violation of international law and of the United Nations Charter.  It has made a mockery of all the principles and values of the Universal Declaration of human rights and has contradicted every ethical and moral standard of essence to humanity.   

Legally, there has been no sound reasoning and no comprehensible justification for such inhumane and immoral aggression against the Iraqi people.  An innocent people who have been singled out for eight years to suffer the consequences of illegitimate sanctions.  Sanctions with the malicious intention of starving and degrading a nation, and forcing coerced inspections of administration offices and private residencies.  Then the aggressors dare to claim that the Iraqis violated the terms and did not fulfill their obligations.  What kind of obligations are these that violate, for so long, the sanctity and sovereignty of a nation dishonored by transgressors.  Transgressors who forced themselves, for eight years, upon a nation through numerous unlawful assaults and humiliating coerced inspections.  What kind of foolishness, hypocrisy, and quibbling, which are used by the transgressors to cover up their ulterior motives of ethnic and racial hatred.  Mr. Secretary-General, who gave USA and Britain the right to do as they wish in the international arena as if they were the sole representatives of humanity at large?  Who gave them the right to speak on behalf of the world when in reality the USA and Britain have gone, yet again, against the will of human society that has been screaming out to stop, once and for all, and put an end to this massacre. .         

What is happening is befalling not only Iraq, but also the United Nations.  If the UN fails to intervene, history will underline this weak spot and document it for future generations who will pay the ultimate price for this deadly silence in one way or another.  What we are witnessing today is a threat to human civilization and a return to the law of the jungle and the “survival of the fittest.”   It is dangerous because it relies on the “reason of force” instead of the “force of reason.”  It makes a mockery of every noble principle and prospect that humanity aspires for at the end of the twentieth century.  Such is a regretfully sad and unfortunate way for the onset of the twenty-first century.   

Therefore, we are calling upon you and the United Nations with absolute, immediate and unequivocal urgency to raise your voices and speak up against this massacre that is being committed against the innocent and unarmed Iraqi people. Since in our opinion, the office of the Secretary-General of the UN represents the supremacy of international law, we urgently appeal to you to call for an immediate cease of fire and to condemn the unlawful acts of the perpetrators of this hideous massacre. 

We reiterate and restate our great hope and greater aspiration and wish for the people of the world to continue believing in this great international organization, the United Nations. Any shaking in this belief will indeed mean a real world disaster.  May the UN, with your leadership, safeguards its role and upholds its duty of standing for humanity’s erecting hopes for a future full of peace and prosperity for this planet. 

Abdalla Sharafelddin
President / EAFORD

December 18th, 1998