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EAFORD’s President directed the following communication to Ministers of Education worldwide: 

            The International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination conveys its respect and extends its greetings to you and to all the noble educators who are the true leaders in guiding future generations toward humanity’s aspirations and its progress which belong to every fellow human being without distinction to race, national or social origin, political or other opinion. 

            We believe as you believe, dear sir, that humanity’s future and its progress and prosperity depend, largely and essentially, on the success of educational institutions worldwide at guiding future generations to believe in a united humanity as reflected in the essence of the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

            We are certain that you realize that the success of this institution, the United Nations, depends to a large extent on how much people, all the people, believe in its effectiveness, its potentiality, and its impact on their dreams for a better and more prosperous future without tragedies and wars.      

            We are also certain that you are aware that ninety percent of the people of this planet lack the basic knowledge about the role this great institution plays in world affairs, and they often lack the understanding of its role as it relates to their lives and future.  

            Therefore, it is our solemn duty and obligation, each in the sphere of our own specialized fields, to do all we can to educate and inform the people of our planet about the importance of this institution in their lives and for their future.   

            In regards to this matter, perhaps you agree with us that one of the most important fields is a highly distinguished one, the leadership of which you have been honorably assigned, which is the field of education.  

            Since the Charter of the United Nations was intended for the people of this earth as it stated “We the people of the United Nations,” then perhaps one of the means to spread the word and to reach, as we hope, a sharing of basic knowledge and understanding about the role of the UN among the people of all nations, is to encourage such awareness through education. 

            Reference in the curriculum of the last year of elementary school to the Charter of the United Nations and to the Universal Deceleration of Human Rights, mere mentioning of the basic guiding principles of the two historical documents in the curriculum of the last year of junior high school, and highlighting in the curriculum of high school some details concerning the important chapters and articles contained in these internationally recognized universal documents, can and will have a great impression and a positive impact on the spirits of our children, who are the leading generations of the future. 

            We are certain, dear sir, that in spite of the spontaneity of our suggestion, even if you could not officially support it, it would at least prompt you and others in your field to think along these lines about this issue and to study it further to achieve the same or similar purposes. 


A copy of this letter was also forwarded to the High Commissioner for Human Rights, to the NGO/DPI Executive Committee on its recent conference in New York “The 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights: From Words to Deeds”, and to NGOs to help us in our effort to make its message reach ministers of education worldwide.