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Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights
Fifty - fourth  session (29 July - 16 August 2002)

 Item 2:  Question of the violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms, including policies of racial discrimination and segregation, in all countries, with particular reference to colonial and other dependent countries and territories 

            A few weeks ago, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, received a letter from a group of prominent writers and renowned scholars from about twenty countries, some of whom were noble prizewinners.  The letter was regarding decisions and resolutions issued by the Commission on Human Rights which held its meeting in Geneva last April. 

            They highlighted the bloody struggle in Palestine, which reached a tragic level, where all international conventions and human right treaties were violated.  And where war crimes, as well as crimes against humanity are committed daily and with more frequency against the Palestinian people. 

            Palestinians are subjected to an ugly occupation and live in inhuman conditions, which may lead to unfavorable dire consequences.  Meanwhile, the arming and militarization of the Israeli society, which did not bring it security or progress, has dramatically been on the rise with devastating counterproductive effects.  To cover up the slaughter of the unarmed Palestinians on Israeli hands, Sharon prevented even human rights defenders and organizations, as well as the United Nations from doing their humanitarian work in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. 

            Israel’s Prime Minister Sharon not only prevented the United Nations envoy on human rights from entering the bombed refugee camps and Palestinian cities that were totally destroyed by Israeli troops, but also he has continued this massacre with the support of Israelis despite repeated calls to allow the UN envoy to carryout his fact-finding mission and in spite of a strong Security Council resolution, which included the formation of an Investigation Committee to report what happened in Jennin refugee camp. 

            The important letter was concluded by calling upon the United Nations to reaffirm without any further delay the necessity of having two independent States with equal rights and mutual respect for both people (Israelis and Palestinians) to live side by side in historical Palestine.  For practical considerations, that means the recognition of Palestinian sovereignty over the borders of June 4th, 1967 including East Jerusalem.  This is a solution that should be enforced and protected by the international community. 

            Has the Secretary-General of the UN been able to do anything regarding this letter or other calls and cries??  Never and nothing!!  Not as long as there is an imposing and militarized global hegemonic force superpowering the work of the UN and influencing the Security Council while succumbing at the same time and yielding to the octopus of the Zionist media and political propaganda.  It is a duplicity that has been so much so lately that dealing with double standards has become the rule not the exception. 

            Therefore, what needs to be concentrated on during this present period human society is undergoing is to expose the unfair double standards and downright duplicity in the words and actions of the world superpowers.  Human rights organizations worldwide must take a firm and uncompromising stand to end double standards and to expose those who practice and promote them. 

            In fact, the underscored points in the open letter sent by the internationally prominent writers and renowned scholars can be considered a message of caution directed at human society regarding the impending threats that surround them.  This is especially so if the policy of double standards continues to influence the decisions of superpowers.  These threats will surround human socity also as long as the superpowers control and direct the resolutions of the Security Council and their enforcement, as well as the rest of the work of the UN according to their interests and views. 

            President Bush’s speech in late June regarding Palestine and the Arab world was vague in general and did not touch the core of the problem.  Instead, it went around the bushes to avoid facing the real legal and moral responsibility of fully implementing Security Council resolutions 242, 338 and 194.  To do so means an end to the occupation, the return to June 04, 1967 borders, withdrawal from East Jerusalem, the establishment of a Palestinian State, the return of the refugees to their land and the dismantling of the Israeli settlements.  This is the essence of a solution for the conflict.  What President Bush said only further complicates the issues. 

            World public opinion is not stupid.  It is aware of the political games by which superpowers try to cover up actions and policies of double standards.  People, especially in the Third World feel great dismay, pain and bitterness regarding what they witness daily in the Occupied Territories in Palestine.  They see Palestinians’ agony, blood and tragedy while the resolutions of the Security Council are either ineffective and vague or not enforced. 

            People question, where is the enthusiasm, if not viciousness, by which Security Council resolutions have been enforced in Iraq and other countries in the Third World?  People further question, where is the enthusiasm, if not viciousness, which is vigorously displayed when imposed sanctions are swiftly and so strictly enforced that the infrastructure of sovereign States like Iraq and other countries in the Third World is dismantled and destroyed, and infants are killed through suffering a sanctioned ruthless slow death?  How come this enthusiasm in enforcing Security Council resolutions is not seen in the case of the atrocities taking place in the Occupied Territories of Palestine?!! 

            Tragedies and wars do not just happen by pure chance.  We are the ones who create and orchestrate them.  We cultivate the atmosphere and conditions to inflame and spread these tragedies and wars.  International terrorism which is beginning to spread throughout many regions of the world is the direct and inevitable consequence of the great dismay and desperation people feel concerning the double standards in the so called new world order.  It is an introduction to the tragedies, wars and destruction that will soon follow. 

            We have to be very aware of the wisdom that emphasizes how children reap tomorrow what parents sow today.  So will non-governmental organizations and the experts in this meeting strongly and unequivocally state their concerns regarding this very critical issue?? 

Thank you Mr. Chairman. 


30 July 2002