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OF HUMAN RIGHTS Fifty - second  session ( 31 July  - 18 August 2000)

 Item 3 (b) :  Comprehensive examination of thematic issues relating to the elimination of racial discrimination 

Madam Chairman, 

We would like to raise an issue of immense importance and seriousness in relation to the work of this “Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights” and its objectives.  In fact, it might be in essence the only way to guarantee the proper execution of the work of the United Nations in relation to racism and racial discrimination and the aim of reaching objective findings regarding world affairs.  After all, it is upon facts only that fair and just solutions are based and should be presented to resolve the problems humanity faces.  All of this is not possible without credible and reliable sources of information to explore and report the truth for people to see and understand the events surrounding them.    

The question to be asked, however, is there any media and press in our planet committed to impartial investigating of facts.  If the answer is negative as is evident in most media and press reporting, then what are the means to create such credible and reliable international media??   

Madam Chairman, 

The witness at any court of law vows to say the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, even when the matter usually involves only one or few individuals.  How come then in cases involving the fate of large multitudes of human beings and at times involving humanity at large, as in media and press reporting, there is no obligation to any similar oath!!??  Media and presswork should be exercised within the boundaries of honesty, integrity and higher conscience. Taking the oath is one method that should be available to ensure the honoring of such duty and responsibility.     

Yet some people deviate from the truth even after having sworn.  However, at least the oath will be a sword over their conscience from the moral side and it could serve as a deterrent from the legal side as well.  We are looking forward to the day when every reporter will be obliged to take this oath through the various unions and specialized agencies of the media and press before exercising this line of work.  An oath similar to the one a lawyer, judge, physician, minister, and others are obliged to take since their work can potentially affect another human being’s rights physically, mentally, or legally.  

Madam Chairman, 

Former senator, Mcklousky, said in a seminar in Washington that American democracy has given two percent of its population, distinguished by their active influence and wealth, the opportunity to have a serious and direct impact on public opinion and on American policy and decision-making.  According to surveys, this special interest group in the United States actually owns approximately one thousand local and international newspapers.  It also owns as many, if not more, newspapers in Europe, Canada, and other regions of the world.  This figure is beside other various media sources that are under their influence as television, film production, radio broadcasting, libraries, and printing houses.  It is sufficient to mention in this regard the emperor of international media, the well known Mr. Mordeckh.       


A mere hint of the power of this racially motivated media monopoly and its blurring underhanded effect on world public opinion’s perception of reported events is evident in the recent weeks trial of few individuals accused of espionage in Iran.  The whole world was made to stand on its toes over this trial although those defendants were actually citizens of the country where they were being tried.  The mass media whether televised, broadcast, or printed covered this event for over two weeks.  It did so in a distorted, fabricated, and an exaggerated manner inciting cynicism and skepticism worldwide for the sole reason that the defendants belonged to a certain religious denomination in their society.  While at the same time, tens of other people all over this region are being unjustifiably violated and hundreds are imprisoned without charges or trials, but international media hardly makes any mention of these events, and if and when reported, only few fleeting sentences or words are spared!  Isn’t this racism and racial discrimination?! 

Of course, this questionable media is not into the business of downright lying or it would have not been able to thrive and prosper.  More often than not, this type of media tells half of the truth and intentionally overlooks the other half.  It misconstrues matters of significance and makes them appear insignificant and vice versa.  This manner of fitting lies the attire of truth is actually a dangerous and destructive technique.  It is so cunning and perplexing that only experts who are highly specialized in their fields are able to detect it. 

The influence of this insidious trend over world media has become an indisputable realty. Sadly, it has turned into a situation involving manipulations of the human mind, which is overwhelmed by contradictions.  If no changes are made, this could certainly and eventually lead to a nuclear war, which no one will escape, not even those who created and masterminded this racially dividing and questionable media. 

Madam Chairman, 

During this Sub-Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, our organization appeals to non-governmental organizations which we believe truly represent humanity’s conscience, to firmly and strongly call upon all media whether printed, broadcast or televised and their unions to commit their members to uphold the oath of honor and integrity in their work practice.  We also repeat our call upon the United Nations, its Secretary-General, and its General Assembly for the establishment of an international media and press agency under the auspices of the General Secretariat for printed, broadcast and televised transmission of world news in relation to the work and conferences of the UN.  This may shed light on issues of concern to international cooperation and help reduce some of the negative and questionable effects of the media’s blurring and numbing tactics on human mind.     


Thank you Madam Chairman. 


4 August 2000