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Fifty - sixth  session ( 20 March - 28 April 2000)

Item 8:  Question of the violation of human rights in the occupied Arab territories, 
including Palestine

“A land without people for people without a land.”  These infamous words, Mr. Chairman,  were frequently reiterated by the leadership of the most popular political party in the Occupied Territories in Palestine.  The slogan clearly conveys the racist inclination, which nested in the mentality of this leadership and those whom they led, as they descended from Europe and America to dispute Palestinians inalienable right to their homeland and properties. 

In this leadership’s opinion and in the view of those they led, the “creatures” who have lived in the land of Palestine and in every inch of it for thousands of years were not quite as human as those descending from the West.  Assuming Palestine to be a land without people, and placing Jewish tenets above the rule of international law, has opened the doors to inviting Jews all over the world to exercise their so called “divine right” to fill Palestine’s ancient quarters and to reside throughout its regions. 

Mr. Chairman, there is hardly any arrogant and racist ideology in the world as savage and brutal as such strange and weird mentality??!!  This “up for grabs homeland” ideology is as much a crime of genocide against humanity as the crime of Fascism and Nazism and the evils they brought upon the world community. 

Just recently, the leader of Austria’s Freedom Party “Jorg Haider” has been accused of racism .  Haider’s election, which was won democratically, triggered a world debate against his participation in the Austrian government.  Even though he could not be accused of one tenth of the grave violations the Israeli leadership and its followers have committed, and which resulted in four million Palestinian refugees who have been denied the right to return. 

Some might argue that what had been said was said over thirty years ago or longer, in the hope that present circumstances should be somewhat different from those of the past.  However, even as recent as few weeks ago, the so called sensible and rational Mr. Shimon Peres who is considered to be one of Israel’s doves, had the audacity to declare, in an international conference where every word should be carefully weighed, that Israel is the focal point of light in a Middle East environment of backwardness and squalidness!! 

Mr. Chairman, how can an obnoxious statement as such be interpreted except as racism in its most hideous manifestation and offensive expression.  The Israeli Foreign Minister, David Levy, announced few weeks ago that the Israeli forces would burn Lebanon sparing nothing and no one in that country.  And why??  Because the Lebanese Resistance - a legitimate resistance in accordance with established international law and April’s agreement, which was ratified in the United Nations, was able to kill some Israeli soldiers in the Israeli occupied strip of Lebanese land.   

Some might question why our organization is reciting what Golda Meir and Shimon Peres said on one occasion or another.  The first answer to that question is that we believe many Jews do not agree with this racist trend.  And secondly, we do so to alert the world community to pay attention and be aware of the repercussions and the dangers they pose on world peace.  This racist Israeli mentality, which is being planted in the Middle East, possesses the most powerful force in the region.  It is the only force that has been supplied with nuclear bombs and destructive biological and chemical missiles.  United States of America, the leader of the so called new world order, persists in supporting such racist trend and insists on making it the only powerful and superior force in this region.  An occupying force that dwells and thrives on racism and on threatening its neighbors. 

Therefore, our organization calls upon all non-governmental organizations, which truly represent the people of the world to abide by their duty and jointly combat these dangers that threaten not only the Middle East, but also world peace.  Meanwhile, the greatest and most effective response from the Commission on Human Rights and the international community is to issue a recommendation alerting and even warning radical Israeli leaders that as the international community rejected nazism and all forms of racism in the past, it firmly and strongly rejects this new form of racism nesting in the wishful and delusional thinking of those who plot for a Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates as symbolized by the two blue strips in the Israeli flag. 

We all have to share a humanitarian duty towards our Jewish, Christian, and Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine who aspire to live with dignity in peace and cooperation with their neighbors in the Middle East.  We all must join their call for the establishment of a non-religious secular state in Palestine to be the foundation of peace, collaboration and prosperity in the Middle East.  It is the great dream, which should be cherished and protected by the noble ones among us against all odds.  Albeit it is considered one of the greater dreams, nonetheless, it is not an impossible one to achieve.  After all, the greatest human achievements were always, at the beginning, merely great dreams.  


28 March 2000