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Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights
Fifty - fourth  session (29 July - 16 August 2002)

Item 5:  Prevention of discrimination 

            The vote of the great Swiss people to join the United Nations is a promising step towards putting things in order, and transferring the UN headquarters and activities from New York back to Geneva.  It is the right thing to do and we shall spare no effort or expense to achieve it.  We believe that the American people will join us in our effort, especially after the honorable stance of the non-governmental organizations including American ones at the Durban Conference Against Racism in South Africa, when they joined the world in refusing the racism and arrogance of the force representing the Zionist influence on the White House and its policies. 

Mr. Chairman,  

            History is a noble teacher and it tells us that when humanity passed through hard times, people were forced to reexamine their living circumstances and the realities surrounding them.  In all cases, humanity’s future, well-being and the right to pursue happiness and security all over the world has been the primary concern.  Because of that, world leaders had formed the League of Nations after World War I and selected a city in the center of Europe, which was Geneva to host it. 

            However, the League of Nations, a great stride for humanity, did not stand to live for long because of World War II and the destruction of Europe and suffering of its people.  Therefore, international public opinion and its leadership decided to avoid similar future tragedies by having the United Nations organization, which is a revival of the League of Nations.  Since the USA played a major role in ending and winning the war and due to American pressure and promises, it was able to convince world leaders to house the UN in New York. 

            It was a great event, indeed, and half a century later, the United Nations is still the only hope for a peaceful and favorable future for all nations.  Yet these great expectations of the United Nations, which are held dearly, deeply and strongly by people worldwide throughout this planet are becoming vague, shaken, and ambiguous because of the changes in American policy.  American policy has shifted 180 degrees from what it was 50 years ago.  This has been evident in the racist and strange decisions and policies that have shocked everyone by their excessive arrogance and deliberate ruthlessness in many situations.  In fact, these racist actions and policies of ill will are happening more frequently as the U.S. continues to stoop so low and to an alarming degree of pulling the whole world down with it to worse dangers than what was seen in past wars. 

            American racist policies and attitudes provide enough evidence to the world of the unjust and unreasonable path that this country is taking and which will probably lead to more tragedies and wars.  It is amazing how the U.S. stands on one side against the entire world regarding some of the challenges and critical questions facing humanity.  It is very sad to see the U.S. and Israel, for instance, taking the same regrettable position of withdrawing from the World Conference against Racism in Durban, South Africa.  Furthermore, the withdrawal of the U.S. from the Quito Treaty is another threat contributing to the march toward destruction of the environment, and its freezing of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) is a major setback in the effort to control nuclear arms race.  Worst of all is the refusal of the U.S. to support the International War Crimes Tribunal to try war criminals.  And the United States shameful use of the VETO tens of times against the best interests of humanity and against the unanimous votes of the Security Council.  One veto against fourteen votes, or more like one voice, that is, the USA against the whole world. 

Mr. Chairman, 

            Let us be sincere and ask:  How could the United Nations perform its duties and take balanced and impartial decisions if its headquarters and main offices are surrounded with all those pressures and obstacles?  Needless to say how many times the U.S. denied entry visas for representatives and/or their aides to the UN, not to mention its refusal to pay some of its financial dues to this organization.  Therefore, Mr. Chairman, we believe due to the reasons stated, we have the right and duty to bring forth the issue of transferring the United Nations’ headquarters from New York to Geneva.  It is, after all, the original and natural place for the UN to be, at the heart of the world in Geneva, while at the same time, recognizing the neutral and peace loving people of Switzerland not only for joining the United Nations recently, but also for having historically proven to remain neutral and balanced in the face of world problems and conflicts. 

Thank you Mr. Chairman. 


9 August 2002