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World Conference Against Racism
August 2001

            In the name of Justice, we present this statement to people with open and alert minds and sincere intentions. 

            In the name of mankind, the representative of God on earth and creator of civilization and progress everywhere - east and west, north and south - and in the names of the great men and women, known to history as proclaimers of the unity of God, who showed mankind the way toward a oneness in justice, beauty, and prosperity.  Let us think and work jointly on what is taking place in the Arab region which they call the Middle East.

            Some time has elapsed since mankind began the search for energy and power in matter.  However, mankind’s enthusiasm, keenness for competition, and feverish arrogance have led some people to lose their sense of perspective and thus to drive the world to the brink of destruction.

            Not long ago, the Nazis waged a fierce war against the rest of the world, causing, in a few years, the destruction of half of what man had built in hundreds of years.  Most of you, no doubt, recall the woes and atrocities of those days, and many have suffered the tragic consequences of that war.  The tears of orphans and widows have yet to dry.

            And yet our world is now faced with the emergence of a new type of nazism whose followers claim that their doctrine goes back a long way in history.  The truth is that they have departed from the laws of Abraham and Moses so far as to adhere to the devilish doctrine of, “I am better than others;  I was made of fire, and they were made of clay.”

            Zionism, with its inhumane ethnic, racist principles, with its evil schemes which generate chaos all over the world, with its dangerous plans to dominate, with its disregard for the appeals and resolutions of international organizations, and with its beastly octopus which has almost a decisive role in directing the policies of the greatest countries in the world, cannot be viewed as a threat to this region alone, but to the whole world.  We need to appreciate fully this situation before it is too late, for now is the age of nuclear power.

            For years nuclear power was controlled exclusively by the two superpowers.  Recently it has been acquired by many countries competing for domination of the world.  In a few years, it may become available to all and impossible to keep under control, thus bringing the horrible risk of the destruction of this planet.

            As a result of these circumstances whose ramifications threaten to destroy the human race, we consider it our duty to call the attention of our colleagues all over the world to a verse in a Holy Book:

            O mankind, We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made

            you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other.  Verily the most honored

            of you in the sight of God is the most righteous of you.


            We conclude with more words of wisdom by a great historical leader who said to his followers:  stand by your brother whether he is the oppressed or the oppressor.  His followers questioned:  we stand by him when oppressed, that is his right, which we will respect and provide, but why and how can we stand by him when he is the oppressor?!  He answered:  you do so through standing by him against his oppression, forbidding him from proceeding further into it.

            By the same token, since racism is unjust and evil, and since we consider Zionism is a form of racism as evident by Israel’s law of return, which allows any Jew worldwide to come to live in Palestine while it prohibits millions of Palestinians, both Christians and Muslims, from returning to their homeland, it is the duty of all of us to come to the aid of the followers of the religion of Moses by eliminating the injustices which they commit.

            Moses was a most influential man in the history of mankind.  He proclaimed the unity of God and he solemnly began the course which was followed later by Jesus and Mohammed.  That is the course of a unified human race.

            We now call upon the followers of the religion of Moses to heed the voice of justice and to end injustice.  Let us all revive the heavenly symphony of justice, good and beauty.

            We, the inhabitants of the region known as the cradle of civilizations and religions, have only one thing to say to those who have treated us with injustice and who have caused the delay of our progress and who have caused our backwardness and disorder through their overt and covert agents:  the traditional greeting of the Arabs,

Peace be upon you.  


August 2001