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Concern:  Upcoming World Conference Against Racism (WCR) 

To Mary Robinson, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, 

            The danger threatening the world with disaster looms over everyone on this planet.  It is the standing conflict in the Arab region which they call the Middle East.  The International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (EAFORD) has in mind the dialectical relationship between three elements:  the subject and its connection with the time and place. 

            Our organization believes that what is happening in Palestine will probably not be solved on the shores of the Mediterranean, the place of the conflict, since it was not originally born there, but rather that it will be solved in the West.  As it was born in the West and was fed by Western contradictions and moral weakness, it can only be solved there, and through the West’s moral strength. 

            This is as to the place.  As to the time, probably this is the appropriate time for decision and resolution.  Any delay will lead to further calamities.  The tragic events inflicted on Palestine for over 50 years which continue to shock the conscience of the world and move people to protest are only minor indications of the devastating calamity which during the next few years will engulf both those who created the problem and those who are its victims. 

            We, in our organization, draw a definite and decisive distinction between Judaism and political Zionism.  Judaism is the divine message of Moses which unified the creator with the created and which is recognized by Christians and Muslims as much as by the Jews, these people who lived for centuries around the city of Jerusalem in tranquility, co-operation and peace.  Zionism, on the other hand, is a racist political movement which lives on the complexes and memories of the past and the reactions to those sufferings and tragedies.  It is enough to point out Israel’s law of return that has allowed any Jew, regardless of his or her nationality, to come to Palestine and live as an Israeli citizen.  This same discriminating law prohibited millions of Palestinians, both Christians and Muslims, from returning to their homeland, fields and properties for no reason other than they were not Jewish.

            In our view, the difference between Judaism and political Zionism is very great and very important.  As has been said by Rabbi Neuberger, ‘A sincere Jew cannot be a Zionist, and a Zionist can never be a sincere Jew.’

            Judaism is the child of the East with all its philosophies, spirituality and meditation.  Political Zionism is the child of the West, with all its conflicts, wars and thirst for domination.  Political Zionism was not born in China, India or the Arab land of the Two Rivers, but it was born in Russia, Poland, Romania, Germany, France and United States.  And it carries in its seed and its evolution all the contradictions prevailing in those countries during the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as during the two world wars of the 20th century.

            There is no doubt that Zionism does not differ as to its aims, means and justifications from the well-known settler-colonialist ideologies.  Zionism aims at gathering all the Jews in a ghetto which it calls the Promised Land and at establishing its hegemony over neighbouring lands, states and peoples.

            The means to achieve this are wars, massacres, assassinations and terrorism.  And the examples of this are plentiful:  the destruction of the King David Hotel, the massacres at Deir Yassin, Sabra and Chatilla;  the continuous wars and invasions to annex more territory under the pretext of Israeli security;  the expropriation of land, the demolition of houses and uprooting of trees, the confiscation of property, the expulsion of Palestinians and the continuing expansion of settlements and installation of settlers in the occupied territories; the pursuit of the leaders and members of the Palestinian resistance in order to exterminate them;  the attempt to prevent any Arab scientific or technological progress, for example through the murder of Arab scientists and the attack on the Iraqi nuclear reactor.

            And all this is accompanied by great pressure on world Jewry to force them to leave their countries and emigrate to the large ghettos.  Supporting all these means is the Zionist lobby which, in the view of many, has considerable control over the Western media and which is accredited with decisive influence over the decisions of the main superpower in the world, with the result that tax-payers’ money and the most sophisticated weaponry of that particular superpower are put at the service of those aims and dreams.

            The psychological and ideological justification for this attitude which has bred hatred, bloodshed and evil has often been given as the experience of the Jews in Europe during certain periods of history, coupled with misinterpretations of the Holy Books as to the meaning of the ‘chosen people’ and the ‘Promised Land’.  But unfortunately, the result of this was an ideology whose basis and consequences, for example as to the purity of the race, and distinctiveness from other people, seems to bear close resemblance to other dangerous purist ideologies as Fascism and Nazism.

            Human tragedies throughout history, have always been the result of our own mistakes and our own selfishness.  They are, firstly, the result of failure to comprehend the depth and vision of the great religions adopted by the large majority of mankind, and the consequent deviation from those religions and from their aim of unifying humanity with the creator.

            They are, secondly, the result of failure to appreciate the element of time in human life, so that many, in our own times, think with the mentality of 2,000 years ago.  Our world has truly become a small world.  Modern inventions have reduced distances, and forced the inhabitants of this planet to meet, to know each other and to co-operate.  It has become impossible to live in a ghetto, even if that ghetto becomes a state.

            Thirdly, we should admit that political Zionism is the fault of all of us.  It is the result of all the mistakes and atrocities committed by man against man.  Those people who raise the flag of hate and tragedy, and threaten the world with atomic catastrophe through the representation of the false as the true, those people are offering the world the sourness and pain they feel as a result of a long, long sojourn with humiliation and disrespect.

            We would like to repeat what we said on previous occasions:  it is time for mankind to understand its long journey through history, and to learn from its experience which confirms that to fight evil with evil will only multiply evil, and that what the parents sow will be reaped by the sons and grandsons.  This old story has become clear to those prepared to think and heed the lessons of history.

            Therefore, we call upon all our brothers in humanity, the oppressed and the oppressor, the Black who has been subjected by the White, the Semite who suffered under the Aryan, the poor who has been exploited by the rich - we call upon them all to come to a world of justice.  The story of action and reaction should end here and now, if we have minds with which to think and if man is truly the viceroy of God on this earth.

            We are all from Adam, and Adam is from earth.  No two should differ in this whether they give a literal interpretation of sacred books or whether they adopt the theory of evolution.  In any case, both lead to the same conclusion:  the unity of origin and the oneness of human brotherhood. 

            Finally, we would like to ask our Jewish brothers in whose name the Zionists act, those living in every part of the world and particularly in the United States - we would like to ask them this:  is it the message of those who were the first to raise the banner of the oneness of God to disperse four million Palestinians, Muslims and Christians, to evict them by force of arms from their homes, country and fields, and make them live, as they have for more than the last 50 years or so, in many different foreign lands, instead of leaving them in peace in their own homes and their own country?

            In the name of everything that is sacred, we ask again, should this tragedy continue with daily shedding of the blood of children, women and the elderly?  And until when?  At least don’t we fear the consequences for coming generations?

            Finally, we should like to ask a precise question:  does Zionism have right on its side?  Were Abraham Lincoln, Einstein, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - were all these wrong and false because Zionism is right?  Did the massacres we saw and read about and which we still almost daily see and read about truly represent the message of Abraham and the laws of Moses?  The various television channels present to us every day a picture of what befell the Jews at the hands of Hitlerism.  Do we accept that others, even the sons and grandsons of Hitler, should be subjected to the same treatment?

            The answer to this is known in the conscience of each one of us.  It cries in the depth of our souls.  Shall we have the courage and self-denial to declare openly what our conscience is harbouring?

            We should not deceive ourselves or bury our heads in the sand, ignoring the glaring fact which confirms that there is no solution to this tragedy other than the establishment of a democratic non-sectarian state in which Jews, Christians and Muslims will co-operate and which will be the foundation of peace in the world blessed equally by the creator and His creatures.

            We still look for the day when those who led the world towards oneness can drop the feeling of superiority and sourness, and participate in leading it to peace and freedom.  


7 August 2001