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World Conference Against Racism
August 2001

            We all know that the tragedies and suffering faced by humanity every now and then invariably occur due to our negligence and hesitation to firmly confront those whose selfishness and prejudice cause all these tragedies.  This is the way humanity ends up falling victim to a series of evil actions and adverse reactions, as in the dark ages when the strong trampled upon the weak who, in turn, could only wait anxiously for the day to strike back twice as hard. 

            This is the tragic scenario which humanity is living today despite the end of the Dark Age centuries ago.  The cases to illustrate this sad scenario are clear and numerous.  The use of  depleted uranium-tipped missiles is one example.  Its deadly effect on soldiers that participated in NATOís Alliance against Yugoslavia has gained wide media coverage.  In fact, the International Tribunal Against War Crimes has pointed at the prospect of inquiring about those accountable for these crimes. 

            Actually, the Western forces had previously used these very destructive missiles against the Iraqi people, and did so in a more extensive and harmful manner than it had in the Balkans.  The victims of this lethal weapon that has deadly effects lasting for generations are in the hospitals of Iraq for every visitor of this country to witness.  However, the Western conscience was not moved and the case was not presented to world public opinion until after a number of soldiers from Western countries fell prey to the side effects of using this deadly weapon.  This racist and double standard attitude is the most dangerous threat facing humanity during this century.  It is a virus with serious afflictions and agonies stored for humanity.

            Public opinion in the Third World, which represents approximately 80% of this planetís population, cannot forget the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs, nor can it forget the Libyan commercial plane struck by Israeli air missiles over the Egyptian Sinai Desert, burning its casualties of two hundred and eighty passengers.  And how could people ever forget the Iranian commercial plane struck over its own countryís airfield by American fleet missiles.  Libyans cannot forget American air raids on Tripoli and Benghazi due to the false accusation concerning the West Berlin club bombing which proved to be wrong after the launching of these unjustified raids.  In addition, everyone certainly recalls the air raids attack on the pharmaceutical factory in Sudanís capital due to an accusation, which proved to be false as well.  The aftermath of such raids clearly portrayed American recklessness and arrogance, which has become the all-familiar style of expression in this pitiful time and age.

            As vile and reckless as these crimes, and as contemptuous and arrogant as the perpetrators of these atrocities have been, they were hardly denounced or even reproached.  Never have they even given a thought to compensating the victims or at least offering them an apology.  Yet blockades, embargoes, sanctions and the starving of peoples and killing of children are only enforced unjustifiably on countries like Iraq, Libya and Sudan.

            Isnít this exactly what racism is in its essence and most offensive manifestations?  Are we still living in the jungle whereat the strong feeds upon the weak??!!

            States must lead by example.  States racism against States is another form of racism, which must be seriously addressed.  The advanced and powerful Western world has many active humanitarians and hundreds, if not thousands, of human rights organizations.  These organizations and their members represent perhaps millions who should raise their voices to confront their own governments to rid themselves of their arrogant and racist ways, and the ignorance which could only bring devastation and destruction for all involved, including the Western world itself, as evident in history which is the greatest witness.      


August 2001