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The Sixteenth Session of the Human Rights Council

28 February Ė 25 March 2011



Mr. President,


Israelís breach of international humanitarian and human rights law is nothing new. Not one joint effective measure is ever taken against Israel. For decades, Palestinians and people worldwide have asked and are asking again, why. Why states are not acting in compliance with the resolutions they voted for in the General Assembly, as the recent resolution confirming and accepting the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice in the case of the separation wall, constructed by Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territories? Why states are not adopting policies and actions in implementation of the rulings and principles established in that case by the World Court? Why resolutions concerning Israelís responsibility to abide by the rule of law are vetoed by the Security Council? Why in the failure to conduct independent investigations meeting international standards as required by the Committee of Independent Experts and UN Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, the Human Rights Council has yet to recommend that the UN Security Council refer the issue to the International Criminal Court?


As many organizations pointed out, the UN Security Councilís swift action to refer several other situations to the ICC Prosecutor contrasts markedly with its unwillingness so far to address the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Many are thinking the same thing and dare say we are facing a test of the credibility of the Human Rights Council here and now once again. Will the Council take the proper step towards justice or add another chapter to its long-standing practice of double-standards!


A resolution by the Human Rights Council calling for the situation in Gaza to be referred to the ICC would pave the way for the Security Council to at least consider such a referral. It would answer the aspirations of so many who are slowly but surely losing hope in the seriousness of United Nationsí work in relation to the long-standing struggle of the Palestinian people. Justice denied anywhere is justice denied everywhere, so letís not let Palestinian children say to their children, what a sadÖsad world they have to live in.


We appeal for states to act, and in doing so, the Human Rights Council, the General Assembly, and the Security Council may add their vital contribution, in the name of humanity, to a world in which respect for the rule of law, human rights and the right of every human being to live in dignity and peace will prevail.




March 2011