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10th Session of the Human Rights Council

2 Ė 27 March 2009



Human Rights Situations that Require the Councilís Attention



It is with concerned dismay that we bring to the foreground an urgent human rights situation that is still not on the Councilís agenda, nor in the High Commissionerís report.


Nearly one and a half million human beings have been killed.


Why are we here? To be politically correct?


Are we here to listen to self- praises and lauding, when some are the worst perpetrators of human rights abuses, where is the voice of the down trodden?


As the President of the General Assembly so bravely stated in his address to this Council; the human rights situation in Iraq is the greatest tragedy in the world today.


We REPEAT nearly one and a half million human beings dead, and the High Commissioner on Human Rights did not utter a word about it - how many more deaths will it take to be on the agenda?


Iraqis have experienced and continue to live, literally hell on earth, yet the High Commissioner did not say a word about it when United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) confirms that human rights violations remain grave and pervasive.


In spite of so many alarming reports, since the invasion, this Council has never discussed the human rights situation in Iraq, nor has the High Commissioner brought it to its attention.


We implore this Council, and the High Commissioner, to seriously examine re-instating the Special Rapporteur on Iraq, who was dismissed after the invasion in 2003.


Thank you Mr. President




17 March 2009