As an international human rights organization, EAFORD’s philosophy and activities are grounded in the principle of equality in dignity and rights for peoples and individuals and, as a practical measure toward  this end, calls for the return to the rule of international law. In its work, EAFORD pays special attention to those ideologies and policies which, in pursuance of established rules of international law and international conventions, are determined by the U.N. General Assembly and other U.N. agencies to be forms of racism and racial discrimination. It is on this basis that EAFORD has focused on the ideological systems of apartheid and Zionism, as well as the conditions of the indigenous people within colonial settler  societies. EAFORD operates as an educational/informational organization, which provides information to the United Nations and its agencies, and to other organizations, educational institutions and to the general public upon request. Availability of information is unrestricted, and EAFORD offers no memberships and collects no dues. The Story of Human Rights